Your Best Kept Secret To Achieving Youthful Skin Is…

We’ve heard the buzz about the grime-busting gadgets, so we decided to find out if they really are more effective than good old-fashioned elbow grease. We’ve been seeing facial cleansing brushes doing the rounds of late, so we decided to do our research to find the very best one on the market that will not […]

Put Your Best Face Forward For The New Year

Happy New Year to all of our readers. I know you want to start the new year with healthy habits, well let’s start with the face. As the largest organ of the body we can’t help but feel like we’ve only began to scratch the surface when it comes to tips and tricks about the […]

Sneaky Ways That Your Beauty Habits Can Harm Your Skin And What To Do About It

Do you have some sort of beauty routine that you followed every day?  Have you ever wondered if your makeup habits were ruining your skin? What if what you were putting on your face is doing more harm than good? When it comes to taking care of your face, it’s important to think about everything […]

Honey For Acne?

Honey with its antibacterial and humectants properties, helps with wound healing and skin hydration. This has been studies and proven throughout the ages. Did you know:  Did you know that honey has natural antiseptic properties and is superb for healing burns and small cuts. Honey is also a natural humetant, therefore it helps keep your […]

Acne Has Four Factors

What causes acne? There are four main factors that contribute to acne on your face.  Oil production, dead skin cell accumulation, clogged pores and bacteria. The area where acne appears most is on your face, neck, chest, back and shoulders because they have the most oil glands which are called sebaceous  glands. In these areas when […]